Live Healthier, Live Happier, and Live Longer with Tucson Medical Weight Loss Surgery

With today’s lifestyle, consistent exercise and healthy eating habits are not easy.  Most of us have enormous demands from our work and families, and find less time for ourselves.  Along with tendencies toward sedentary living, the quality of affordable food has certainly declined.

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A recent study investigated how many calories $1 can buy in the average American market. Well, $1 will buy just 170 calories of fresh fruit or 250 calories of vegetables. A true sign of our times, the same $1 will purchase 875 calories of soda or 1200 calories of potato chips! Not surprisingly, both of these factors have contributed to an obesity pandemic.

Even with diet, exercise, medical weight loss, and physician supervision, only about 5% of Americans will loose enough weight to fall out of the obese category and maintain their weight loss for at least five years. Bariatric Surgery, or surgical weight loss therapy, does not guarantee a certain number of pounds that you will lose; it provides a tool that will increase your odds of success from about 5% to greater that 85%.

Bariatric Surgeries (Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastronomy, Lap-Band®, & Realize-Band®) are the most effective and long-lasting treatments for morbid obesity and many of its corresponding medical problems such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea and many others. Not only will Bariatric Surgery treat/prevent medical problems and add years to your life, our ongoing Tucson weight loss program will significantly improve your lifestyle.

It’s about the little things! My Tucson weight loss office brims with patients who have truly gained a “new lease on life.” I am privileged with stories of renewed energy, resumption of hobbies, effortless airplane travel, secret passions for clothes shopping, and strengthened relationships. If you are interested in learning more about Tucson medical weight loss surgeries and what we have to offer, please come inside!

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